Dale Moffitt
Dale is an advisor-life insurance broker with the MacDev Financial
Group Corp. He is recognized as one of the top experts in Canada on how to create wealth in a safe and secure way that also gives you control and access to your money when you need it.

Dale has embraced the concepts of Pamela Yellen’s Bank On Yourself game plan that helps individuals, families and businesses take back control of their finances and create wealth safely and securely.

Dale’s mission is to help financially educate and empower Canadians, one family at a time, by teaching and informing them of the Bank On Yourself Concept of increasing cash flow and self financing ones major needs in life such as vehicles, vacations, education, weddings, down payment on a home, etc. Dale regularly conducts speaking presentations and information sessions on this wealth generating concept. There is no cost or obligation to find out what this concept can do for you and your family.

Dale lives in Red Deer, Alberta with his fiancé, Wendy, and their two rag doll cats (children). He is an avid runner who also enjoys cooking, travelling and the great outdoors. He is a licensed life insurance broker in Alberta.

To contact Dale Moffitt and begin on the path to financial security, please call or email him here. You can also find him on the web at www.macdevfinancial.com, where you can learn about the many services offered by MacDev Financial Group Corp.

MacDev Financial Financial Group • Phone: 403) 872-7135. • Email: dale@macdevfinancial.com

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